5 Fall Denim Trends that you can find at TOTE&LOUNGE

With the fall season comes the desire and the need for a change of clothes. And there is nothing fresher than a new pair of jeans or denim jacket in the closet that will bring different styles and outfits to the fall days. The fashion industry always keeps denim trendy, no matter the season, and the reason for that is pretty clear - denim and jeans are classic fashion pieces that never go out of style. For this fall season 2022, the denim trends are all about embracing the cooler weather. 

During the summer season, denim and jeans came into a back plan because of the high temperatures. But, as soon as the weather started to get colder, the jeans returned as a centerpiece of any outfit and they can work in many different styles and looks. A nice denim jacket or a shirt is a classic that is a must-have. A good pair of jeans, that has a suitable fit and cut, can go a long way. It makes the person feel cool, confident, and even sexy. It is the foundation of the most favorite and popular outfits. 

At TOTE&LOUNGE, denim and jeans are a big and important part of the offer. We understand the need to feel and be comfortable in the clothes you wear. With its durability and quality, denim has proven over and over throughout fashion history, it remains to be the most demanded and popular choice for women of all ages. With a fresh take on the latest fashion trends, without compromising on practicality, comfort, and fashionability, these are the 5 fall denim trends that you can find at TOTE&LOUNGE. Take a look and get inspired by some fall denim shopping!

  • Relaxed wide-leg jeans
  • The relaxed fit is a key point right now when it comes to trendy jeans. The oversized silhouette of the relaxed straight leg is something that is extremely versatile and stylish. On the fashion runways, wide-leg jeans were present in different forms and styles. As many considered it to be an effortless fit, it can be easily incorporated into the wardrobe, without pointing out just a certain moment in the fashion season or trends. This is a type of jeans that will get lots of wear. Such style is very interesting since it provides effortless and loose style, perfect for pairing with different kinds of tops and outerwear.  

    The Kancan wide-leg jeans are the perfect option for all those who want something different and trendy in their jeans selection. The quality of the denim comes perfectly blended with the solid pattern and the regular fit of the jeans. The wide leg provides a dose of elegance and style, making these jeans perfect for styling with both sneakers and high heels. 

    • 90s straight leg

    One of the most adored jeans styles has made a huge comeback on the fashion scene. The ‘90s were the times that showed some of the most iconic fashion trends, and concerning jeans, this is the straight-leg style. The straight-leg jean delivers a cool fit, and it is a nice transition from the skinny jeans era. For some, this is the most liked type of jeans because it allows pretty easy styling of shoes and pieces in the wardrobe that you already used to wear with the skinny jeans. However, it is more modern and flattering on the figure. 

    Risen Traveler High-waisted straight jeans are stretchy enough to provide the utmost comfort. Above all. The straight leg makes them the perfect go-to daily style for all those who love this fit. The slim fit style additionally adds to the fashionability, making these jeans an investment that will sustain the test of time. 

  • Long skirts
  • The long or elongated denim skirts were the focus of the runways of the fall-winter 2022 season. They are a nice new addition to the fall outfit choices, the perfect option for those who want something different from just jeans. So, the perfect fall look comes in finding the length that will suit you. That can be something mid-calf – as the safest option. Or the maxi lengths are also great. When it comes to styling, the best way is to go with knee-high leather boots, a blazer, and a classic white T-shirt. 

    One such option that will look great this fall season is the Buttoned raw hem denim skirt. It comes in a light blue denim wash. The mid-calf length flatters the high front slit that appears as a result of the wrap-up front detail. 

  • Dark wash jeans
  • Going back to black during the colder season is something that can be achieved with denim. And particularly that is one of the biggest fall denim trends for 2022. The inky dyes and the dark washes are great options for bringing a different vibe to fall outfits. The dark wash jeans are also a great option if you go for a more vintage and retro look. As for the style, bootcut leg, skinny, wide leg relaxed fit – are all in play. 

    Excellent dark wash jeans addition to the fall closet are the Zenana Lucia Full-size bootcut jeans. The mid-height waist and the slightly flared leg make a wonderful choice for styling the jeans with boots sport and elegant footwear. 


  • Extra high, extra wide-leg jeans
  • There is no better way to add an elongating effect to the legs than choose jeans that will come with high-rise and wide leg. These jeans highlight the waist and make the entire silhouette stylish. The darker color of the jeans is the most suitable for achieving that effect. 

    For those feeling ready to reinvent their silhouette and outfits, the One-Button high waist bootcut jeans are just the pair that you need for your fresh fall looks. 

    These 5 fall trend suggestions and many more denim fashion pieces are available and waiting for you at TOTE&LOUNGE

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